Leader Words
Revolution and Innovation¡¡Duty and Mission

Aiming at providing better service, expanding the influence of Keyin Media, better promoting the development of the printing industry, we continuously upgrade and adjust without any laches, so as to meet the demand of the development of the industry. At the alternative moment of the old and new year, I¡¯d like to share something with my dear colleagues and close cooperation partners.

First of all, we have optimized the organization structure. We have established 2 publish departments, 5 business units and 3 centres including Graphic Communications Press, Printing Technology Publishing House (including magazines like Printing Technology, Printing Manager, China Printing and Packaging Study, etc. ), Marketing Department, Exhibition Project Department, Consultation & Training Department, Digital Printing Department & Network Department, Information Technology Center, Data marketing Center, and the R&D Center.

Secondly, we have upgraded the existing product structure:

We have changed the name of Printing Technology- Publishing and Commercial Printing into Printing Technology ¨CPrinting Technology of Graphic Arts, paying more attention to matter closely related to Enterprise production such as the digitization development of printing, printing craft and technology, etc. Printing Technology- Packaging and Decoration Printing will go on to connect the printing field with packaging field, paying back the appreciation of the industry with deeper and more practical information.
Digital Printing has upgraded into the official publication joint rentured by Digital Printing Branch of Printing Technology Association of China and KeyinPrint Media, which made it deeper and more efficient to exchange and share information about digital Printing industry, promoting the progress of the industry.

Printing Manager will have its Celebration for 100th ceremony. We are looking forward to its brand new performance after its 100th and hope its contents can be more beneficial to the industry after its 100th issue.

China printing and Packaging study was first published in 2009. After a year's development, it has been popular among research and development personnel. This is worthy of delight, also inspires us to keep going.

It is worth mentioning that Keyin Media will publish a new magazine for the managers of packaging industry that is Packaging Wealth & Wisdom. Through this platform we can decipher the password of the packaging industry wealth and get a full understanding of the management wisdom of packaging industry.

In the digital age, the demand of Internet spread and communication are keep enhancing. So we set a new net to provide trade service and trade information for printing industry, namely (www.yinmart.cn) based on our industry portal, (www.keyin.cn). We wish to provide a more convenient service platform for the industry.

After years of insisting, Keyin Media has become the pacemaker of China¡¯s comprehensive printing and information services industry wich all-dimentional, multi-lever, solid product and service system. Promoting the development of the industry as our mission in the future, we will keep on adjusting, making effort to change. All the changes we make are to adapt to the industry's change; all the changes we make are to meet the demand of the industry. Thank you all for making efforts together with us! Let's join hands to create a brighter future!