Office of Organizing Committee

Address: 2 Cuiwei Road, Beijing (100036)

Global Printing Summit Forum
The theme of the Global Printing Summit Forum (GPSF) is "Printing: China Embraces the World". Well-known professionals from all over the world focus on five topics: opportunity and crisis in the global printing industry, operating in a global environment, new business opportunities, opportunities and risks of investing in new technology, and foreign outsourcing to China. The Forum also discusses hot issues such as how the Chinese printing industry can be further integrated into the global printing industry, and how China can be developed into a global printing base.
The Global Printing Summit Forum is the top-leveled event for international communications regarding the Chinese printing industry. It takes its concept from the 7th World Printing Conference, a gathering of the top people in the global printing industry to discuss the development of the printing industry. The Global Printing Summit Forum is committed to bring China's printing industry to the world and to attract the world's attention to China's printing industry.