Digital Printing Division of PTAC

Address: 2 Cuiwei Road, Beijing (100036)

Digital Printing Division of PTAC
The Digital Printing Association, a branch of the Printing Technology Association of China, is a voluntary, professional and non-profit group specifically interested in the application of digital technology, and in popularizing the relevant fields of digital prepress, digital printing, inkjet printing, CTP, digital workflow, color management, digital proofing, and CIP3/4.
The mission of the Digital Printing Branch of the Printing Technology Association is to enhance industry communication and cooperation, to improve the level of application of digital technology in printing and other related industries, to safeguard the legitimate rights of its members, to help its members gain a favorable place in domestic and oversea competition, and to assist the industry to develop in a healthy and stable way.

The second conference of member representatives was held in Guangzhou YueXiu Hotel on September 16, 2010. At that time, the members of the current Council were retired upon completion of their terms of service. This was the first turnover of leadership in the history of the organization. Under the leadership of the new Council, the Digital Printing Branch of the Printing Association of China will play an active role in expanding communications channels and in promoting the development of the digital printing industry. In 2011, Digital Printing will also take responsibility for the publication of the Association¡¯s journal, and will establish a column for members, providing a broad platform for comments.