Training Department

Address: 2 Cuiwei Road, Beijing (100036)

Keyin Training
The wisdom of foresight to inspire industry progress
The Keyin Training unit, part of China Academy of Printing Technology and Keyin Media, is a professional training organization with almost 50 years of accumulated industrial resources and knowledge. A professional services team with a strong scientific background gained by working in Keyin provides training and consulting services to the printing industry.
The Keyin Training unit draws from a specialized panel of over one hundred industry experts, teachers and advisors comprised of experienced senior manager and authoritative experts in order to provide the printing industry with a full range of training services. The training classes offer knowledge on the latest technologies and important job positions, as well as covering the key areas of the printing and publishing industry. The group also provides high quality, individualized consulting services for customers. Keyin Training can also be designed that will fulfill the constantly changing demands of managing production and developing enterprises. Keyin Training provides consultation on forecasting and marketing targeted to both government and private enterprises.

Development Goals:
Focus on the printing and packaging industry, provide professional training, and offer management consulting services. We intend to be reliable and trusted partners that will grow up along with our customers and remain together over the long term.
Core business:
Instructor led training classes: print management; technical personal; technical printing design; printing enterprise production, management and planning; and other relevant training.
Internal training for printing enterprises: provide on-site training for enterprises, systems training, individual training, group training, and other relevant types of training.
Production management and consulting: provide consultancy services that help enterprises address a specific area or multiple areas of concern.
Overseas investigation and training:
conducted primarily in developed countries with a high level of printing technology; currently available in Germany, Japan and the United States.
On-line training: provide printing training classes via the internet.
Quality training programs:
A series of classes addressing graphic and document speeding printing
CTP production supervisor training
Advanced printing sales skills training
Printing quality cost control and accounting
National Education Administration/Senior Secondary Vocational Schools Cooperative Program
Site management training class
Management consultion program for Ningbo zhuoyang