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Printing Manager
Influencing the printing manager's decision making and executive abilities

The magazine is the most favored by managers - 80% of management personnel in large and medium-sized printing businesses read it.
The magazine is actually read by managers for longer than any other, more than 1.5 hours on average.
The magazine with the highest pass-along rate among management personnel - more than 95% of mid-level and senior management personnel of printing enterprises pass the magazine along to someone else.
The magazine retained for the longest time by managers - management personnel of enterprises keep it, on average, for more than one year.

Printing Manager (Monthly)
First Publication: 2002
Mission: Enhance the decision making and executive abilities of printing managers
Orientation: Targets mid-level and senior managers and decision makers in the printing industry
  Editorial: Industry observations, in depth analysis
  Information: Up to date, in-depth reports
  Coverage: Industry leaders sharing from their personal experiences
  Focus: Perspectives on hot issues and in-depth analysis
  Enterprise: Features the history of legendary companies
  Role Models: Analyzes leadership styles and managerial talents
  Business Intelligence: Current status of the market; global trends
  Think Tank: Managers ideas and collective thoughts
  Lifestyle: Beyond wealth: living a satisfying life
Price: RMB 10 (China) / US dollar 10 (abroad), published on the 10th of every month
Issue No: 82-987