Packaging Wealth & Wisdom Editorial Department

Address: 2 Cuiwei Road, Beijing (100036)

Packaging Wealth & Wisdom
This journal serves the Chinese packaging industry through monthly economic and management articles specifically for packaging managers.
Our core readers are managers who are dynamically involved in the packaging industry. These managers are the entrepreneurial leaders at the mainstream of the industry, their awareness of the industry and the search for new applications are changing the packaging industry, from industry ecology to enterprise values. Their actions and contributions are pushing forward the Chinese economy and contributing to social development as well.
Editorial policy
Our editorial policy may be stated as ^The key to wealth is in exploiting managerial wisdom ̄. We are committed to providing advanced business thinking, effective management methods, ^best in class ̄ business practices and keen market perspectives for packaging managers.
Coverage area
Our coverage is of the broad-based packaging, packing and processing industry, radiating from the center to include both upstream and downstream packaging processes. We have built an information exchange platform for packaging managers, while helping packaging industry enterprises to build their brand names and providing packaging and purchasing managers a reference point for decision-making and assistance.
Packaging Wealth & Wisdom (Monthly)
First Publication: 2011
  Focal point: Monthly news bulletins
  Observation: Special viewpoints on cutting-edge issues
  In-depth reporting: An in-depth interpretation of hot topics
  Role Models: Industry leaders share their experiences
  Management: Operational methods & management wisdom
  Overview: Insight into global industry trends
  Technology: Multidimensional technological applications
  Market: Current status of the global market
Price: RMB 20(China)/US dollar 20(abroad), published on the 20th of every month