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China Printing & Packaging Study
A comprehensive academic journal for the printing and packaging industry
Driving research and technological advancement in the industry
Featuring the promotion of academic exchanges and technological innovation
Pushing forward the commercialization, industrialization and globalization of research accomplishments
China Printing and Packaging Study (Bimonthly)
First Publication: 2009
Position: Comprehensive academic study journals for printing and packaging
China Printing and Packaging Study is an academic journal which specializes in the printing and packaging industries. The journal focuses on areas such as the ongoing research,publishing, quality research papers and introducing significant technological improvements in the fields of printing and packaging in China and abroad. Its mission is the advancement of printing and packaging technology and encouraging research and innovation in new technologies, facilities, materials, and techniques in the printing and packaging industries. The journal's content includes: Optical / Digital Imaging technology, text messages and graphics image processing, color reproduction and management research and related theories. Additional areas of content are: image information transmission technology, printing / packaging production process design and implementation, printing / packaging design and manufacture of electrical and mechanical equipment and related basic technology (machines, lights, electricity) in research, and application of information recording materials, printing / packaging materials research and applications, and printing and packaging historical research. It also serves as a platform for technological innovation and academic exchanges both in China and abroad. In addition, it facilitates research activities, education and training, and accelerates the commercialization, industrialization and globalization of research achievements.
China Printing and Packaging Study contains information from the following sources:
"Web Publication of Chinese Academic Journal Database" contains full-text journals;
"Articles C Digital Periodicals" - full text online journals;
"China's Core Journals Database (selection)" - indexed journals;
"Chemical Abstracts "(CA) -indexed journals;
Poland, "Index Copernicus (IC) "-indexed journals;
The United States, "Wu Lixi Periodicals Directory" (Ulrich PD) -indexed journals.
Price: RMB 26 (China) / US dollar 26 (abroad), published bimonthly on the 5th of the month
Issue No: 82-292

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