Annual Report on China Printing

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Annual Report on China Printing
The most authoritative and comprehensive book in the Chinese printing industry
The Annual Report on China Printing, which is published by Keyin Media, has been released annually for 9 years. Each year its influence grows. This book focuses on analyzing the main areas of the printing industry in China and abroad. Extensive statistical data and data from China Imports and Exports Reports have become a data source for the printing industry.
Annual Report on China Printing
Authority: Authoritative experts analyze the current market situation and the development of the printing industry by sectors
Regulation: The latest status of national rules and regulations; new laws, policies and standards
Depth: In-depth research reports on different areas of the printing industry, complete and accurate data, up-to-date analysis of the printing industry¡¯s development, and projections of future trends
Influence: This report, by the number one media outlet in the industry, is highly influential
Unique: The only annual review of the Chinese printing industry
Publication format: paperback magazine and bound book editions
The bound book edition is published by Graphic Communications Press. It contains more information, and may be better for inquiry and collection purposes.