Digital Printing Editorial Department

Address: 2 Cuiwei Road, Beijing (100036)

Digital Printing
Keep fully in contact with the latest technology through a common communications forum for the Digital Age
Digital Printing shoulders the mission of promoting the digitalization of printing in China
Digitalization is the global developmental trend of printing technology
Digitalization is the impetus for the rise of China's printing industry
We focus on the latest technology, equipment, art and materials related to digitalization
Digital Printing
Orientation: Reporting on digital technology reform and innovation in the entire production process, including: prepress, press, and post press, and advocating the comprehensive application of digital technology in China.
Professional's Letter: Articles on the digital printing industry written by domestic and foreign experts and containing the latest perspectives and insights into the digital printing market.
Information Station: Timely reports on major events occurring in the industry and the latest influential technologies and products. Developmental trends concerning the industry are discussed from various viewpoints, providing wide ranging information to readers from different perspectives.
Special Reports: Focused on hot developments and the latest technologies. Leading the market by providing reports on investment guidance and information on new applications to help companies tap potential new business opportunities.
Viewpoint: Expert in depth analysis from multiple viewpoints regarding new trends and new events in the industry, bringing a practical and enlightened perspective to industry developments.
Operation & Management: Focuses on digital printing business models and management methods, written by the industry's most influential entrepreneurs and business managers who will share their successes with the industry.
Face to Face: Successful companies in the industry communicate face to face with members of the industry, telling about the characteristics of their enterprises and how they successfully developed their businesses.
Technique Front: Reporting on the latest digital printing technologies and applications,
and providing guidance for investment and production.
Member Area: Provide members of the Digital Printing Branch of PTAC with a showcase for their enterprises. Members can share information about their companies, introduce new members, discuss corporate culture, conduct communications activities, and reveal staff interests and how to balance work and life.
Company Information: Provides a publicity platform for digital printing equipment suppliers, reports on business technology, product and market developments.
Price: RMB 10 (China) / US dollar 10 (abroad), published on the 10th of every month