Label Technology Editorial Department

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Label Technology
A professional publication focusing on the label segment
An excellent bimonthly publication for readers
Accurate analysis of current topics in the label industry
Serving the high-end of the label supply chain
Label Technology
Label Technology publishes industry news and information, covers the development of market trends, reports on industry conferences and exhibitions, introduces enterprises and business leaders and provides a platform for suppliers, buyers and end-users.
Special Attention: Hot technology and topics of interest to the label industry
Technology: Various technologies, including pre-press, printing, post-press, and anticounterfeiting technologies
Consumables: Various types of consumables, such as films, paper, ink, and adhesives
Interviews: Label industry experts, well-known equipment suppliers
Enterprise Style: Reports on the industry's leading companies
Digital Label: Digital label trends, introduction to digital label technology
Boutique Appreciation: New labels and award-winning works in China and abroad
News & Info: Current events in the label industry, including dynamic enterprises, policies and regulations, new products, and exhibition/conference schedules
Price: RMB20