Graphic Communications Press

Address: 2 Cuiwei Road, Beijing (100036)

Graphic Communications Press Co., Ltd.

Graphic Communications Press, founded in 1981, is a mid-level book publishing institute focused on printing professional books, in areas including art design, comics & animation, chemicals, graphics and image processing, and other specialized areas. Over the past 30 years, the Press has kept up with readers¡¯ needs and market changes, publishing more than 800 titles representing a broad range of topics. We rank first in market share in China in the field of printing and packaging books and professional teaching materials.
Graphic Communications Press excels in both integrated development and innovation. We have a wealth of resources in the printing and packaging industry, and produce a number of popular publications including reference books, professional technical books, management books and "General Use Quality Teaching Materials For Higher Education", "General Higher Education Teaching Materials for the 'Eleventh Five-year' National-Level Plan " which represent the highest level of teaching materials.
As part of its professional approach to publishing, Graphic Communications Press has been actively developing new areas for publication. Additionally, we have added to the general publishing economy through the establishment of a mass publishing center, providing computer certification, and establishing a number of new product lines, such as management, inspirational, bestsellers, and computer certification materials. We continue to build lasting relationships with many suppliers of public content, such as CCTV and Adobe, among others.

Graphic Communications Press exactingly controls quality, having set up a strict book publishing flow, with an editing and proofreading quality management system. The company has built up a high-quality editing and publishing team. At present over 90% of our staff have an undergraduate degree or above, and all of the editors have certifications.

Over a long period, Graphic Communications Press has built a complete nationwide distribution network, covering more than 30 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions. This distribution network, primarily located in large and medium-sized cities, ensures that our books have rapid entry into the market.